Friday, December 1, 2017

UNIQSO's Kazunari Miyoshi & Kuchiki Byakuya wig review

Ahh~ Winter is here! Which means, cold and getting sick for me!
I've been getting quite sickish lately, so it took me a while to get this review done.
It's also very hard to take photos during the winter days... Days are shorter and the light is terrible. 
I want spring to come quickly...

So, I got Kazunari's wig this month so I could (hopefully) cosplay Kuranosuke from Prince of Tennis. It's very cold to do it now tho... *sob*

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Flaxen
Wig Length: 32cm

The wigs were shipped to me very quickly and by FedEx. I recommend using their service if you want express delivery and no customs problems! Customs can be a pain to deal with, so choosing FedEx might be your best choice to avoid them~

Excuse the my very little makeup look... It looked better irl than on the photos...

The wig has a very natural blonde color. It's incredibly soft and silky.
The top has quite some hair you can work with and it's already parted to the side, but that can be fixed easily with a little heat in case you're interested in doing another hairstyle with this wig.

The wig can look slightly greenish/yellowish under a warmer light, but it's not really a problem in my opinion since it still keeps a natural color and it has no shine.
The wig is 100% heat resistant, so don't hesitate to style it as you wish! 

I'm not exactly sure that it's a wig you can wear out like a fashion item thanks to the cut, but, if you are willing to work with the styling a little, I'm sure this can be a great wig for your bad hair days!


Next up, it's the Byakuya wig!

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Black
Wig Length: 60cm

Long wigs are incredibly hard to photograph on my own, but I tried my best to get decent photos of it...!

This wig is THICK. It is heavy and it has a lot of hair to work with. It's very smooth and easy to comb. The wig gets from little to no knots if you wear it for the day. 
There's not much shine to it, so the wig can look pretty natural. 
The heat resistance makes it easy to style, so don't be afraid to curl it up and make it look even cuter!

The top has a small skintop piece that allows you to make a natural looking parting, but, of course, you need to cut the bangs short if you want it to look like real hair.
The bangs are pretty long, so you can create interesting styles with them! 

I'm extremely satisfied with these wigs that I got. They are pretty natural looking even though I'd not wear them out. They have a lot of fibers, which is good, and are heat resistant. 

Please check out my other reviews and UNIQSO's new wig collections for more~

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

UNIQSO's Hatsune Miku wig & Yuzuru Nishimiya wig review

Halloween is over, but I still got a wig for it!
Maybe next year I might cosplay Miku~

Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Gold & Green
Wig Length: 120cm

The wig is actually orange and green, but the photo actually speaks for itself, so let's just ignore that.

The wis comes with a base + 2 ponytails.
It's pretty heavy and thick, so there's no need to worry about the wig not having enough fibers for you to work with.
However, since it's long, it tangles a lot! I would recommend you getting some detangling spray or something to prevent your wig from getting damaged and messy.
The green fibers look really beautiful and match well with the orange.

The base wig is a single color, as opposite of the ponytails, which means you can easily use it for another cosplay if you want. 
I intend to use it for Ashikiba Takuto, since the cut and the color is really good for him!

The top of the wig looks like this. It might prevent you from doing any crazy hairstyle, but it works well if you're looking to keep your wig looking flat! 

I really like it!

Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Black
Wig Length: 30cm

The second wig I got is Yuzuru's short black wig. It's actually a little different from the photo and it doesn't have much hair to it, which is a little worrying...
The quality of the fibers seems cheap and I'm not so sure it can be styled with heat up to the 180ºC, but it can surely be styled with hair iron on 120ºC!

I like how the bangs are longer than in the photo and how it can work for characters with side bangs or with no bangs at all, but doing a middle parting will be impossible thanks to the short and stray hairs this wig has.

The top will prevent you from making any crazy hairstyle and the back of the wig doesn't look that good either. 
I hope some styling will help out with that, but unfortunately this isn't the best wig I got from this store (sorry ;;)...

There is also some shine to the wig, which makes it look quite plastic, but it's nothing that can't be worked out with! It's just not a wig you can easily wear out.

I will post styled wig's photos later on, so please check my facebook page or my instagram for the updates!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

RulerCosplay's Mikasa Ackerman wig review

I'm a little late with this review, but I'm not very good at styling wigs, so it took me quite some time...

Material: Heat Resistant Fiber
Color: Black
Length: 35 cm
Lead Time: 1-3 Days
Weight(kg): 0.24 kg

The wig was shipped real quick, but it took some time to arrive. Make sure to order a month or two before you need your wig from this store so it arrives in time! 

The quality of the fibers is very nice, but I'm not sure the wig is very their long wigs are. It has a lot of volume thanks to the styling, but the thickness on the back is very little. 

Despite not being very thick, the wig has enough fibers, so you don't have to worry about your hair showin underneath. 

The wig is not shiny, which is great. Darker wigs tend to be slightly shiny, so you can tell it's not real hair. This one seems to have a natural shine to it.

The wig is heat resistant, which makes it easy to straighten or to curl.
The wig is very easy to style, but the parting might be a little difficult due to the cap construction...!

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this wig! I'd love if they had it in different colors so I could use one for Shinji from Prince of Tennis!
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Thursday, September 28, 2017

UNIQSO's Okumura Rin & Tsurumaru Kuninaga wig review

I took my time with this review, since I wanted to style these wigs accordingly and do a proper costest of the characters I will be using them for.

Both of the following wigs are from UNIQSO and you can get 10% off your order with the coupon code "Mashetato"! Make sure to check it out!

The first wig is their Okumura Rin wig. I have already gotten this wig once before, but since I styled it in a very different way, I wanted to get it again and try it out for another character! 

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Black
Wig Length: 32cm

I got this wig to cosplay Akira from Persona 5 game. I thought that the amoung of hair it has and the length would be perfect for my favourite protagonist!

The lenses I'm using here are also from UNIQSO and you can find the review here.
I have astigmatism, so I'm not sure how useful my lens reviews are~. I shouldn't even be wearing circle lenses, but I like using them for the photoshoots, so there's that.

The wig is quite fluffy and full, but not too much to make your head look huge.
The fibers are soft, heat resistant and fall very nicely.

The styling of this wig was fairly easy, since all I had to do was use my hair iron and twist the hair in a little. Then I used hair gel and placed it on the tips! 
I didn't have to cut the wig nor did I have to remove/add any wefts. This can actually save you hours of work! 
Getting a good base wig is important! 

The wig has a slightly natural shine to it. If styled properly, it could even be used as a daily fashion item.

Next, there's the Tsurumaru wig!

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Silver Gray
Wig Length: 40cm

Tsurumaru... do I want to cosplay him? Yes. Will I cosplay him? Maybe. 
This character's costume is fairly easy to make with my skills, but I'm very limited when it comes to time to sew, so for now, I will be using this wig for Nio from Prince of Tennis!

I think that some time ago, UNIQSO had a wig for Nio, but for some reason it disappeared? 
I'm glad they had this wig in stock, since it's pretty perfect for my trickster boy!
The fibers are very soft and easy to style. The spiking took me less than 20 minutes and all I had to do was use the hair iron, twist the tips out and apply a little hair gel to the tips. 

The wig is layered and it has a good amount of hair. I'm pretty satisfied with it.
The base is very nice and I didn't have to cut it at all! I really dislike cutting wigs, so I really value a good length wig.

The wig is not shiny, but I cannot say this is an item you can wear daily? Well, if you are brave enough, then go ahead!

I hope this review was useful! 
See you all next time~

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

UNIQSO's Touka and Krista wig review

Time for a new review!

I ordered two new wigs from Uniqso for the future photoshoots. They were shipped real quick and they arrived to me in no time. 
The customer service was as nice as ever!

The first wig I'm going to review is their Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) wig

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Dark Blue
Wig Length: 32cm

I got this wig hoping it would be flat and easy to style for Yusuke from Persona 5. 
Unfortunately, it isn't.

This wig is quite frizzy on the roots, which makes the wig have more volume than it should. It's pretty difficult to brush the frizz out and to remove it, so I wouldn't advise you to get this wig unless you're looking to cosplay a character with a poofy hairstyle.

For Touka, I think that this wig works pretty well.

The top of the wig makes the fibers go in specific directions, so you're quite limited for the styles you can make with this wig. 
Personally, I don't dislike this style for the wigs I don't intend to spike or brush to the side. I feel like working with this type of wig is much easier.

The wig is slightly layered and completely heat resistant.
It took me quite some time to style this wig and remove the friz, but after some hours of styling, this is how the wig turned out like:

I think that the wig looks much better now that it has less frizz and that it's styled.
If you're not experienced with wig styling, I don't really recommend you getting this wig unless it's to be used for characters with Touka's hairstyle or similar!

The second wig I got from them is the stunning Krista Lenz wig.
This wig is beautiful in every way! I always liked golden wigs and this one's just perfect! 

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Light Gold
Wig Length: 55cm

This 55cm long wig is just perfect for Krista! The only thing it would need is some bangs cutting and it'd be ready to go! 

The wig is golden, but it's not yellow. It's a very pretty shade and it just looks like bleached hair. Healthy bleached hair, to be more specific.
The wig is not very shiny, so that makes it look somewhat natural, despite the color.

The length of the wig is great and it prevents the wig from getting too tangled. It's very easy to brush and the wig is heat resistant!
The wig is also thick, which helps at covering your hair underneath.

There's a little problem with this wig, as with every other wig that has a similar cap construction. 
You are limited to the side the fibers can fall. If you make the parting to the side, the net might be visible. 

Overall, this wig is super pretty and soft. There's no frizz to it and it's very easy to comb. The bangs are quite thick, so there's a lot of fibers to work with for different sort of hairstyles!

Thanks for reading~

Monday, August 28, 2017

MatchWigs' Zana Short Brown Wig review

This is my first time working with MatchWigs, so I will try being as specific about their service as possible.

MatchWigs is an online store that specializes in selling high quality wigs. I have previously ordered from them and was always satisfied with the products I received.

The store service is incredibly good! They were super fast at replying to my emails and they were always kind. I had no difficulties in communicating with them. It was surprising.

After placing my order, the wig was shipped out within a few days and it arrived to me in about 10 working days! The wig passed through customs without any problems and it was undervalued, so I didn't have to pay any tax!

The wig I'm going to review in this post is the following: Zana Short Brown.

Wig Length: 12 in. / 30cm (Short)
Length Notes: Most of our mannequins have cute small faces. We recommend you to measure from your head center-top downwards towards your chin and shoulders.
Wig Color: Auburn brown
Wig Size: Free Size - 21" / 53cm un-stretched and can go up to 23-24" / 58-61cm. Comes with secure fasteners. Designed to fit all heads.
Fiber Type: Extra-soft Hiperlon fiber. Heat resistant up to 360°F/180°C. C'mon who needs that hot, like really?!
Wig Info: Extra fiber strand counts for luxuriously thick wig. Washable in cool water with normal hair shampoo.

And, now, the product review...

The package has a tag with the useful information about how you can take care of the wig. 
The wig came with a protective net over it that keeps the fibers in place. This is more useful for long wigs in my opinion.

First of all, the wig color is beautiful! The reddish brown really matches the hair of the character I'm going to use it for, Shinkai Hayato. This color was very difficult to find and I'm very happy that MatchWigs had it.

The wig is layered and thick. There's a lot of fibers to work with and no bald spots. There's also not a lot of volume, so the cut looks pretty natural. The roots are not frizzy and the fibers don't reflect a lot of light. If well styled, this wig could be used as a fashion item.

This wig is going to need quite some styling before being used for cosplay, but you can't expect the wig that was sent by mail to arrive styled.
I will have to add some blue wefts to this wig to make it look as I want, but boy am I satisfied! 
And the length is just right!

This wig is heat resistant and it's pretty easy to style using a little heat.
I'm excited to show you the final result once the wig is done!

Here's also a video review I did on this wig (please excuse my awkwardnes... I don't usually talk in m videos): 

Thanks for reading!