Tuesday, August 29, 2017

UNIQSO's Touka and Krista wig review

Time for a new review!

I ordered two new wigs from Uniqso for the future photoshoots. They were shipped real quick and they arrived to me in no time. 
The customer service was as nice as ever!

The first wig I'm going to review is their Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) wig

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Dark Blue
Wig Length: 32cm

I got this wig hoping it would be flat and easy to style for Yusuke from Persona 5. 
Unfortunately, it isn't.

This wig is quite frizzy on the roots, which makes the wig have more volume than it should. It's pretty difficult to brush the frizz out and to remove it, so I wouldn't advise you to get this wig unless you're looking to cosplay a character with a poofy hairstyle.

For Touka, I think that this wig works pretty well.

The top of the wig makes the fibers go in specific directions, so you're quite limited for the styles you can make with this wig. 
Personally, I don't dislike this style for the wigs I don't intend to spike or brush to the side. I feel like working with this type of wig is much easier.

The wig is slightly layered and completely heat resistant.
It took me quite some time to style this wig and remove the friz, but after some hours of styling, this is how the wig turned out like:

I think that the wig looks much better now that it has less frizz and that it's styled.
If you're not experienced with wig styling, I don't really recommend you getting this wig unless it's to be used for characters with Touka's hairstyle or similar!

The second wig I got from them is the stunning Krista Lenz wig.
This wig is beautiful in every way! I always liked golden wigs and this one's just perfect! 

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Light Gold
Wig Length: 55cm

This 55cm long wig is just perfect for Krista! The only thing it would need is some bangs cutting and it'd be ready to go! 

The wig is golden, but it's not yellow. It's a very pretty shade and it just looks like bleached hair. Healthy bleached hair, to be more specific.
The wig is not very shiny, so that makes it look somewhat natural, despite the color.

The length of the wig is great and it prevents the wig from getting too tangled. It's very easy to brush and the wig is heat resistant!
The wig is also thick, which helps at covering your hair underneath.

There's a little problem with this wig, as with every other wig that has a similar cap construction. 
You are limited to the side the fibers can fall. If you make the parting to the side, the net might be visible. 

Overall, this wig is super pretty and soft. There's no frizz to it and it's very easy to comb. The bangs are quite thick, so there's a lot of fibers to work with for different sort of hairstyles!

Thanks for reading~

Monday, August 28, 2017

MatchWigs' Zana Short Brown Wig review

This is my first time working with MatchWigs, so I will try being as specific about their service as possible.

MatchWigs is an online store that specializes in selling high quality wigs. I have previously ordered from them and was always satisfied with the products I received.

The store service is incredibly good! They were super fast at replying to my emails and they were always kind. I had no difficulties in communicating with them. It was surprising.

After placing my order, the wig was shipped out within a few days and it arrived to me in about 10 working days! The wig passed through customs without any problems and it was undervalued, so I didn't have to pay any tax!

The wig I'm going to review in this post is the following: Zana Short Brown.

Wig Length: 12 in. / 30cm (Short)
Length Notes: Most of our mannequins have cute small faces. We recommend you to measure from your head center-top downwards towards your chin and shoulders.
Wig Color: Auburn brown
Wig Size: Free Size - 21" / 53cm un-stretched and can go up to 23-24" / 58-61cm. Comes with secure fasteners. Designed to fit all heads.
Fiber Type: Extra-soft Hiperlon fiber. Heat resistant up to 360°F/180°C. C'mon who needs that hot, like really?!
Wig Info: Extra fiber strand counts for luxuriously thick wig. Washable in cool water with normal hair shampoo.

And, now, the product review...

The package has a tag with the useful information about how you can take care of the wig. 
The wig came with a protective net over it that keeps the fibers in place. This is more useful for long wigs in my opinion.

First of all, the wig color is beautiful! The reddish brown really matches the hair of the character I'm going to use it for, Shinkai Hayato. This color was very difficult to find and I'm very happy that MatchWigs had it.

The wig is layered and thick. There's a lot of fibers to work with and no bald spots. There's also not a lot of volume, so the cut looks pretty natural. The roots are not frizzy and the fibers don't reflect a lot of light. If well styled, this wig could be used as a fashion item.

This wig is going to need quite some styling before being used for cosplay, but you can't expect the wig that was sent by mail to arrive styled.
I will have to add some blue wefts to this wig to make it look as I want, but boy am I satisfied! 
And the length is just right!

This wig is heat resistant and it's pretty easy to style using a little heat.
I'm excited to show you the final result once the wig is done!

Here's also a video review I did on this wig (please excuse my awkwardnes... I don't usually talk in m videos): 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Uniqso's Sweety Bargello Grey & GEO Crazy Lens CPF1 review

Quick review on two pairs of lenses I got from Uniqso!

Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 40%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: Within 12 months
What's inside: A pair of contact lens + a lens case

Bargello are one of my favourite series. They look very natural on bright eyes and are very comfortable to wear for a long time. 

They are also quite small and natural looking, so wearing them out of cosplay, as a fashion item, is a great option.

These lenses are also very cheap, so they make a great option if you are looking for a cheap but quality brand! 
Unfortunately, they do not have prescription, so you can only get them in 0.00 power... 

I still rate them 10/10 because of the comfort they provide and of the beautiful design/color!

Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: Within 12 months
What's inside: A pair of contact lens + a lens case

I ocasionally get Halloween lenses for some of my cosplays and these looked like a great option! Unfortunately, these lenses are not as comfortable as regular circle lenses for me personally, as I have very sensitive eyes and Halloween models feel "heavier" on them. 

The very opaque design and small pupil hole are quite different from the usual colored lenses I usually wear and personally don't quite enjoy it. 

I would recommend it to people who are used to wearing contact lenses more regularly. 

Rating them 5/10 because the design is pretty cool, but the small pupil hole makes it hard to use these lenses at night or in dim places.

Thanks for reading~

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ruler Cosplay's Haruki Naoshi wig & Klenspop's Bunny Color E22 Aqua

A little late with this review thanks to the customs and my lack of time, but I finally managed to do it without rushing!

I got this wig from Ruler Cosplay.
Material: Heat Resistant Fiber
Color: Brown
Length: 32 cm
Lead Time: 1-3 Days
Weight(kg): 0.25 kg

The wig arrived pretty fast to my country, but it stayed at customs and at the post office for about a month, hence why I'm posting this review with a delay,
The customer service of the store was very good and they shipped the wig in less than a week! I was amazed!

The wig I received looks just as on the product photo! It's very thick and it's heat resistant. However, I'd have to say the color is not exactly brown, but an orangeish brown.

The wig is easy to style and pretty nice for the character it was designed for, however I feel like it's not a wig for characters with a fluffy hair, since the thickest  part of the wig is the back of it. This is actually good since it hides your hair very well under it.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this wig and would recommend it if you're looking for a slightly natural color. The wig is not shiny, so it can also be worn as a fashion item on daily basis! 

The lenses I wore here are from Klenspop and it's their Bunny Color E22 Aqua model.

DIA: 14.3mm
Graphic DIA: 14mm
BC: 8.8mm
Using Period: 6month
Water Contect: 38%
Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Origin: KOREA
Package: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

Just as the description says, the lenses arrived with a lens case. 
The lenses are very comfortable. I've decided to wear them a few times before doing this review and I am amazed! The lenses look beautiful and are incredibly comfortable.
I've always looked for lenses of this color or darker blue for my cosplays and I feel like these are the perfect ones! 

They do look a little strange for natural looks, but they are very pretty for cosplay photos and I really recommend them both for light and dark eyes in case you're looking to cosplay a character with dark blue eyes! 

Make sure to check these stores out! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

UNIQSO's Touhou Project Mima & Fate/Grand Order Gankutsuou wig review

I took a little longer than expected with this review, but here it is!

I purchased 2 wigs from Uniqso once more. Since they are meant to me styled properly for the cosplays they are for, I didn't do much to them for the review.

The wigs I got are the following:


I got their Mima and Gankutsuou wig.
They are both described as heat resistant.

The wigs were shipped to me quickly and were packed safely. 

Mima's wig is 100cm long and is quite thick. It's also heat resistant.


The color is very pretty and the wig doesn't feel very heavy on my head. It does get very tangled and that's a big problem for me, but it's nothing that cannot be fixed.
I am not a fan of long wigs because they are uncomfortable to wear, but this one's quite light on my head, so that helps a lot.


The wig needs some styling because it has been packed in a bag for a while, but since it's heat resistant, it's gonna be easy to fix.
This wig is also great in case you're looking to make a short wig since you can cut it and use the cutout fibers for the extra wefts!

And this is how the top looks like!


As for the Gankutsuou wig, I'm really impressed with it! It looks like granny's hair, but it's very fluffy and easy to style. 
The wig is really cute and would look very cool with a lolita outfit!


The wig is heat resistant and it's pretty thick. The way it's sewn makes it easy to style in any direction.
The color is quite matte, so there's no need to worry about annoying shine to the wig.


I'm really satisfied with both of these wigs. They are really pretty and quite light on my head.
Uniqso was super kind to ship this order before I went to vacations, so it arrived just in time.
Their customer service never disappoints!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

UNIQSO's Lolita Wig 097A and Sayo Samonji wig review

Posting two reviews in one post because it's easier for me to organize stuff this way~!

I got two wigs from Uniqso. I intend to modify them a lot for characters I need them for, so I didn't style them much asides from a little hairspray. 

They are both labeled as heat resistant wigs, meaning they can stand heat up to 180ÂșC.

So, here's the review:

The wigs got shipped to me by FedEx and were delivered to me within 5 days and I didn't have to pay any customs fees!
Where I live, FedEx is the best service for the quick shipment.

Inside the FedEx bag, there was a black package with the wigs inside it.
The size of it is quite big, so if it had arrived by regular mail, I'm sure it'd get stuck at customs for at least 2 months.

Inside the black package, there were the wigs. They were in separate plastic bags and were packed carefully. 
The cardboard around them prevents the wigs from getting damaged. I usually use this cardboard for the wigs that are styled and the wigs I don't want to lose their shape. It's very handy!

Starting with the Lolita wig: this wig is made of 2 colors. There's green on the lower parts of the wig and brown on the top. It's not an usual wig, so I find this combination really interesting.

The fibers on top are a mix of various shades of brown, making the color look very natural.
If styled properly, this wig could be used for your daily looks!

The only flaw I could see here is that the green fibers don't show much on the back, but that could be fixed with some trimming on the brown fibers.

The wig is heat resistant and the top is very easy to style.


Moving to the Samonji wig: 

This wig comes with a regular base and two clip on ponytails.
It's a very interesting wig since it can be used for another characters as well!

The color of this wig is a mix of various shades of blue, making the color quite unique. 
I acually prefer wigs with mixed fibers since they tend to change color under different lights and that can give you some very interesting photos!

The base wig is quite long, so you have a lot of hair to work with!
If this wig were to be used for the actual character it was designed for, then the wig would need a lot of styling and some cutting. 

As you can see, the base is quite long, so for it to work for the character it's designed for, there will be a need for some serious styling! 
However, if you like styling your own wigs, then this is not an issue to worry about.

The top of this wig limits you with the hairstyles you can do, but, since the ponytails are easy to remove, you're not limited to a single character!

If you're going to buy from Uniqso, make sure to use my coupon code "Mashetato" for 10% off your purchase!